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We are planning several Adult Training courses for Scout Leaders, Volunteers, Parents, and all those interested in sharpening their outdoor or Scouting skills. Most courses will be 1 session in length. Please see the list below of our planned curriculum for adults. 

General Studies ​
  • Basic Map and Compass Orienteering Skills

  • Basics of Wilderness Survival Skills

  • BSA High Adventure Programs

  • Camp Cooking 101 - Basic Recipes for Outdoor Adventures/Dutch Oven/Backpacking

  • Campus Tour - Learn about transitioning from HS to College

  • Commissioner Science/ Corner

  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion

  • Geocaching, Orienteering, and GPS

  • Introduction to Fly Fishing

  • Learn the 5 Basic Scout Knots and Knife Skills for Adults & Scouts

  • Lightweight Backpacking and Camping Gadgets

  • Outdoor Ethics & LNT

  • Planning Trips to Gettysburg and Washington DC for Troops

  • Recruiting & Retaining Scouts Year-Round

  • Beyond the Badge - The"Other" BSA Awards

  • OA General Information

  • Powderhorn

Scout Adult Leader Training - All Programs
  • BSA Medical Forms -How to use, what needs to be filled out, and why

  • Adult Leader Training Programs Woodbadge/BALOO/IOLS

  • Creative Community Service & Conservation Projects for Packs & Troops

  • Designing Pack and Troop Websites with Google Sites

  • Effective Unit Communications - Getting the right info into the right hands

  • Marketing Scouting - How do you SELL Scouting?

  • Recognizing your Volunteers "Why Knot?" - BSA Adult Awards & Knots

  • Scouting PR/ Social Media

  • Unit Succession Planning - Train your Replacement & Recruit Volunteers

  • Webelos to Scouts Transition - Training for Cub AND Scouts BSA Volunteers

  • Working with Scouts with Disabilities, ADHD & ASD

Cub Scout Adult Leader Training 

  • "Listening" - How to Conduct a Pack Committee Meeting

  • "Overwhelmed" - Getting Parents and other leaders involved & asking for help

  • "It's All About the Coin" Treasurer and Fund Raising Committee Training

  • Annual Planning for Pack Meetings

  • Weekend Camping with Cub Scouts - Fun & Grub!

  • Camp Merz Launch 2023 - Cub Scouts

  • Cub Scout Songs and Singing

  • Getting the Cub Scouts Outdoors

  • Importance of the Blue & Gold

  • Pack Meetings for the Whole Family

  • Planning & Running Effective Den & Pack Meetings

  • Starting the meeting right - Gathering Activities

  • Teaching the Scout Oath and Law to Cub Scouts

  • Team Building your Pack Leadership

  • The Care and Feeding of your Den Chief

Scouts BSA Adult & Youth Training
  • Camp Merz Launch 2023 - Scouts BSA

  • Creating a Junior Leadership Training Course

  • Effective Board of Review & Scoutmaster Conferences

  • Effective Unit Communications - Getting the right info into the right hands

  • First Class in the First Year

  • Getting to a "Youth Run" Troop- The Vision of Lord Baden-Powell

  • Motivating, Encouraging, and Empowering your Scouts

  • Pocketknife Woodcarving

  • Scoutmaster Specifics - (S24)

  • Campfire Planning and Showmanship

  • International Scouting Opportunities

  • OA - What's it all about?

  • Over 14 Scout Programs - Venturing & Sea Scouts

  • Patrol Leader Summit - How to run an Effective PLC

  • Trail to Eagle - From Life to Eagle- Planning after First Class

  • Mentoring Eagle Scouts

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